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Maria Barmpadimou

Professional dancer and head of Dance Fuzion Zürich

Maria is a holder of the Diploma in Dance Instruction and Advanced 2 Diploma in Modern – Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) and Advanced 2 Diploma in Classical Ballet- Royal Academy of Dance (London, UK).

In 2010, she graduated from the Public Institute of Vocational Training in Athens with a Diploma on Pre-school education, activities and creativity.

Her passion for dance led to her training and teaching in ballet, modern, hip hop and jazz. Maria has experience in teaching diverse age groups: from preschool activities to ballet and other genres of dance in various Greek ballet schools. In June 2014, Maria graciously accepted the teaching position of Angela Jacobs, as Angela is moving back to the USA.

“I would like to thank Angela Jacobs for giving me the opportunity to make my dream come true and allow me to share my enjoyment of teaching dancing.”
― Maria Barmpadimou

Angela J. Jacobs

Professional dancer and founder of Dance Fuzion

Angela J. Jacobs was born in Colorado, USA in 1978. Prior to establishing By Design, a children’s dance program, she studied at Colorado State University and joined Renascent Productions, Inc. Angela has instructed and directed dance classes, workshops, productions and summer elite programs for over a decade.

Her experience in teaching, choreography, production and performance across the USA, Canada and Venezuela led to Angela J. Jacobs: Dance Fuzion in Zürich, Switzerland.

Angela’s goal is to not only teach dance technique but to encourage her students in everyday life. Angela is married to Dr. Robert A. Jacobs.